Our Founder

Ikechukwu Chukwure is the Founder and Executive Director of Urbanize Africa.

Ikechukwu founded Urbanize Africa in 2017 to leverage community driven solutions in promoting inclusive economic prosperity in Africa, which can be deployed to solve some of Africa’s toughest challenges in Sustainable Urbanization, Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship Development.

He is a trained Surveyor with a Mini-MBA from the Tekedia Institute, USA and a President Barack Obama Young African Leader (2017).

As an educator and social impact leader, Ikechukwu approaches philanthropy and indeed everything with empathy, strategy, and enthusiasm.


Having been opportune to study at a high level at the United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP) and the Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA), Ikechukwu provides mentoring and advisory support to African entrepreneurs and small business owners in digital innovation, transformation and business growth.

Because of his passion to lower the barriers to formal and decent jobs in Nigeria and Africa, Ikechukwu organises regular career development, entrepreneurship and employability workshops to help youths access decent jobs and income.



Ikechukwu Chukwure has been recognised by many international development organisations like the United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (UN IDEP), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA), the President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), the KAICIID, the ONE Campaigns in Nigeria, the USAID Tolerance Project (Nigeria), and the Hive Global Leaders Program.